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Coping strategies for Anxiety

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

The main way to conquer anxiety is diversion, not giving into it, facing the fear and stopping the cycle. It’s about not letting it win, you may feel weak, however the human body is very resilient and your a lot stronger than you think!

Your conscious mind, through your actions, is diverting your subconscious mind by giving it something much more interesting and comfortable to concentrate on. This takes the emphasis off your anxiety enough for your symptoms to subside and for normal sensations, thoughts and behaviours to come through.

The brain runs on “auto pilot” your subconscious takes over and the conscious mind refrains from creating symptoms, in the case of anxiety, from presenting themselves….it makes so much sense.

You can teach yourself to use diversion tactics to divert your conscious mind which, in turn, distracts the subconscious mind. If you can master the art of preventing you conscious mind from giving these symptoms credence, by diverting your mind and consciously “persuading” your mind that they are irrelevant and can be ignored your brain will relearn to create totally appropriate responses, creating new, permanent non anxious neural pathways. All you have to do is practice your new behaviour which, although it may feel unnatural or scary at first, will become normal, natural and anxiety free…..FACT

You’ve heard the saying you are what you eat, well this is very true. Diet can effect our levels of anxiety, especially foods with high sugar content, caffeine and alcohol these food and drinks give us a quick boost and a high. The sugar is used up very quickly, causing the blood sugar levels to shoot up and then plummet very quickly.

Chamomile tea
Well what can I say about chamomile tea? The main point to make here is that it was and still is the best way of taking the edge of anxiety. Back in the good old days when women often came down with an attack of the “vapors” or anxiety as it’s now called, a cup of chamomile tea was administered. It has been my saving grace! Chamomile contains active ingredients that act as a mild sedative and can be drunk anytime, it’s especially good first thing in the morning and before you go to bed at night. Drink 3 or 4 cups a day and you’ll notice the difference.

This is an obvious one, but the mind and body can not remain anxious when it is relaxed. Practicing deep breathing can also help to control anxiety attacks from starting. Meditation, Thai chi and yoga are all extremely good ways of using relaxation. Massage and Acupuncture are very good from relieving tension build up by anxiety.

A mantra is a word or phase that you repeat again and again in your mind. Such as saying over and over again relax, relax. Using these with diversion tactics is a really powerful way to stop the anxiety from building.

Affirmations are a really good tool, saying affirmations everyday out loud or even in the mind can altar the negative thought process, said often enough and the subconscious starts to believe the statement is true.
Say to your self- I am in complete control, what I’m feeling are only sensations, they are not life threatening, I will cope and I am in complete control.

Pillars to wellness
1. Stop visiting every practitioner you can find- You have anxiety and don’t need the constant doctors reassurance it’s not required. We need to break the cycle concentrating on the anxiety and symptoms only perpetuates the anxiety.
2. Stop researching your condition- By researching your condition you are constantly reminding the subconscious that you have an anxiety condition you are also learning about new symptoms you may not ever have.
3. Stop talking about your condition- Again entering into dialogue with other people confesses the subconscious mind and allows your bad habits to thrive. You have to try and bury that negative anxious habit, dis-empowering it.
4. Stop leaning on other people- Relying on others only provides a temporary crutch and you need to face the situation head on. Others can help and guide you, you have to change the behaviour though. You have ALWAYS had to cope with it alone, no matter who has been stood next to you; you have ridden the storm and come out the other end unscathed.
5. Don’t hold on to memories of your condition-Stave your anxiety of all conscious thoughts and it WILL retreat!
6. Divert your mind-make it your new habit-ALWAYS!- Diversion of the conscious mind is the key to success, hypnotherapy can help with this!
7. Stop accommodating your anxiety- Stop arranging your normal daily routines and activities around your condition. Do not avoid situations to accommodate your anxiety. BE IN CHARGE!!!! DON’T LET IT CONTROL YOU!!!!

If you restrict your life because of your anxiety, you will be limiting your enjoyment in life…for what sensations nothing more!!!!

Happiness is from within!!

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

India was inspirational!!!

Sunday, January 8th, 2012

Spent 2 weeks in Goa, before the madness of Christmas came. Goa was such a beautiful place and the people were so genuine and friendly. What an uplifting country, the elephant wash in the jungle and the spice plantations were the highlights for me! There was a certain calm and peace among st the bustle of the crowds, vibrant markets and cows everywhere. There beliefs and spiritually was enchanting. What a wonderful place!